SUNNATA – Climbing The Colossus (Full Album 2014) – Official Upload (Psychedelic/Doom/Sludge/Stoner)

"Climbing the Colossus" is a debut album of Sunnata – heavy fuzzed-out record, that can be described as a blend of psychedelic sludge, doom, stoner with grunge influences. Get the album:

0:00:00 I
0:00:38 Orcan
0:05:26 II
0:05:33 Asteroid
0:09:07 Seven
0:16:10 III
0:16:45 Path
0:24:30 Stalagmites
0:31:37 Monolith
0:38:11 IV
0:38:34 Fomalhaut
0:47:54 V


"Climbing The Colossus" is the debut album of Sunnata released in 2014 and remastered in 2019. This raw record outlines what the band became with their next releases. A blend of psychedelic doom and sludge metal with huge influneces from stoner / grunge / post grunge music (even some industrial metal music elements too). Sunnata often gets compared to bands like Tool, Alice in Chains, Om – in this case even Godflesh. Nevertheless, they follow their own path. Sunnata’s world is a soundscape, where noise crossfade clearness – where walls of guitar fuzz, delay and reverb confront the monolith of absolute silence. A dark ritual music, so to speak.

Known from immersive live performances, Sunnata opened for Mastodon, Sleep, The Sword, Rotting Christ or Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats and will continue delivering doom as long as they can.

"This sh$*t right here is the most insane material somebody ever gave me to listen to. This time he gave me a bomb ! Man, that band right here is completely mind-blowing. It’s like putting your jaws in a micro-waves and patiently wait for it to explode right in front of your face ! Sunnata is the next thing, I’m telling you that, for sure. Not that I hold the doom/stoner/sludge bible in my hands, but something is telling me that they’re going to make it through the haze of this community ! Their titan is leading them to the next level !

In terms of Sludge I’ve always been a bit confused, I’ve always liked the energy, the rawness of it but I’ve always though there is a little lack of creativity in it… Well, it is more the lack of melody which I did not like. But those guys know how to do it ! Their debut album called “Climbing the Colossus” will make you headbang like a real motherfucker from hell. Their astonish artwork is really symbolizing the power of their seven brutal songs they just released ! What a great art cover, bravo ! Their universe and songs will bury yourself in some kind of new-era cave, where all things seems delusional, dark and windy. But every main riffs will rise yourself to the surface, don’t worry you won’t die in here.

Noises, voices, guitars part are stepping on each other, and every time it is to hit your head ! I was never into screaming but now I just want to become their backing vocalist !! After only a couple of listenings, their lyrics will be stuck in your (stoner)heads. They put out so many great lyrics (which you can find on their Bandcamp…) and it is always very very efficient ! Like Asteroid and many bands before, they’re using this great recipe, one is shouting while the other one is singing, so powerful, it’s always very catchy (listen to Monolith…). There is some real lyrics here, even if they are, most of the time, shouted, you can clearly listen to them, it gives you space, time to really understand their goal : blow your head up !

You’ll understand me, Sunnata will give you goosebumps as heavy as a nuclear bomb ! They know how to be massively groovy. Next thing you will remember is you, in underwear in the middle of your room, slamming on your sofa.

Thanks a lot, I felt, the time of your album, like a virgin again."

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