TEMPLE OF VOID, SOULFLY, BAEST & More Added To The Commute Playlist

Metal Injection

No matter if you’re commuting to work an hour away, or commuting from your bed to the home office, we can all agree that getting up and dealing with those first groggy hours sucks. We’re here to make it suck less with our ongoing playlist The Commute, which brings you all the best new metal every Monday morning.

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Welcome to this week’s edition of The Commute! This week, we’ve added everything from the new Soulfly single off their coming new album (featuring members of Obituary and Power Trip), the new standalone single from Suicide Silence, and a few from upcoming bands you really need to check out like Tzompantli and Te Ruki.

This week’s additions include:

  1. “Hex, Curse & Conjuration” by Temple Of Void, from their upcoming album Summoning The Slayer due out June 3.
  2. “Superstition” by Soulfly, from their upcoming album Totem due out August 5.
  3. “Marako Te Ruki” by Te Ruki, from their recent album Marako Te Ruki.
  4. “Swallow The Light” by Wake, from their upcoming album Thought Form Descent due out July 22.
  5. “Thinking In Tongues” by Suicide Silence, which thus far is a standalone single.
  6. “Tlatzintilli” by Tzompantli, from their recent album Tlazcaltiliztli.
  7. “Sol’s Upheaval Debris” by Cosmic Putrefaction, from their recent album Crepuscular Dirge For The Blessed Ones.
  8. “Midnight Sun” by Kreator featuring Sofia Portanet, from their upcoming album Hate über alles due out June 10.
  9. “Creature” by Baest, from their recent EP Justitia.
  10. “Seething Malevolence” by Vomit Forth, from their upcoming album Seething Malevolence due out July 8.
  11. “In This Empty Place” by Tómarúm, from their recent album Ash In Realms Of Stone Icons.
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Metal Injection – TEMPLE OF VOID, SOULFLY, BAEST & More Added To The Commute Playlist
Author: Greg Kennelty
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May 9, 2022

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