The 10 best albums on Nuclear Blast

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Nuclear Blast was formed by Markus Staiger in 1987 as a means to release hardcore punk records and thrash compilations. Over their 35-year tenure, they’ve become the home for leading European metal bands and are now considered as one of the most prestigious labels for heavy music across the globe. With a roster brimming with legendary acts, Nuclear Blast have delivered many classic records. Here are what we consider to be their essential 10 releases.

Dimmu Borgir – Enthrone Darkness Triumphant (1997)

A benchmark album in the evolution of symphonic black metal, this 1997 release hinted at Dimmu Borgir’s potential to extend far beyond the boundaries of the genre and reach an even bigger audience. While their third full-length may not have ended up being the one that truly saw them crack a new market, musically speaking alone, it’s the finest distillation of arcane, grim extremity melded with soaring, swooping and elegant orchestration. Whilst symphonic metal had never sounded so brutal, black metal had never sounded so gloriously bombastic. Purists may fold their arms and dig in their heels, but, fuck ‘em, frankly. They’re missing out on songs as inescapably brilliant as the galloping In Death’s Embrace or the whiplash inducing maelstrom of Tormentor of Christian Souls. 


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