The Boys Actor Laz Alonso Laments M.M.’s Love Sausage Legacy

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If you’re an actor on the Prime Video comic book adaptation “The Boys,” it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll eventually find yourself in an undignified position. The satirical series has a no-holds-barred approach to poking fun at superheroes that can sometimes get pretty perverted and gloriously gross, and that means that the actors have to be up for just about anything. Antony Starr has to lean into the whole creepy milk fetish thing that Homelander has going on, for example, and just about everyone gets covered in blood and bits of gore at some point. 

For Laz Alonso, who plays Mother’s Milk, there’s one episode in particular that still haunts him, and he’s ready to leave that entire experience behind him. 

In the ridiculous “Herogasm” episode of “The Boys”season 3, Mother’s Milk (aka M.M.) and the sweet-but-steadfast Starlight (Erin Moriarty) head to Herogasm to try and warn the attendees that Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) is on the way and looking to kill the party’s hosts. While they’re allowed entry because of Starlight’s fame and supe status, they’re still thrown into the middle of a giant, depraved superhero orgy — where M.M. encounters an old acquaintance.

At Toronto ComiCon, Alonso had a few words to say about the legacy of his character, and how it intertwines with that loathsome love sausage. 

A Lewd Legacy

M.M. first encountered the superhuman known only as “Love Sausage” in “The Boys” season 2, when he discovered first-hand that the Russian has conscious control over his gargantuan manhood, and can wield it as a weapon. It’s a favorite moment for many fans, but at a Toronto ComiCon panel attended by /Film editor Sarah Bea Milner, Alonso wearily despaired over the love for Love Sausage:

“I’m done with the Love Sausage stuff. So over it. I literally saw a tattoo, somebody’s got a tattoo of the Boys on their calf, and they have me with a penis wrapped around [me]. That’s M.M.’s legacy.”

I have seen my fair share of weird fandom tattoos in my day, but an artist’s rendition of M.M, with the prehensile penis wrapped around him is some next-level weirdness. Sure, the scene is pretty funny because a penis that can maneuver like a very long snake is hilarious, but M.M. has done so many cool things and it feels like only focusing on the wiener weirdness isn’t quite fair. There are characters who get involved in way wackier sexcapades, like Chace Crawford’s The Deep and his octopus lover, but for whatever reason people have really gotten themselves wrapped up in M.M.’s Love Sausage encounter. Unfortunately, meeting Love Sausage again wasn’t the worst thing to happen to M.M. at Herogasm. Not by a long shot.

Dry-Cleaning Won’t Save That

It would be difficult to get a tattoo of the worst thing to happen to ole’ M.M., because while scouting things out at Herogasm, he ends up opening the doors to a room where superhero sex is taking place, just in time to be splashed with gallons of semen. “The screwed up part is, in season 3 I got doused with fluid,” Alonso commented during the panel. “Why did I just do that?”

As previously recounted in a cast interview with GQ, Alonso didn’t know he was going to be strangled by a love sausage in season 2 until the day of filming, since M.M.’s wrestling match hadn’t been in earlier drafts of the script. Speaking at Toronto ComiCon, Jack Quaid (who plays Hughie Campbell), said that the face Alonso made when he found out what was going to happen in the episode was legendary: “I’ve never seen him make this face ever again since. It just all dropped.”

It’s hard to blame poor Alonso for being a bit deflated over having so many scenes with funny phalluses, because he is a fine actor who contributes a lot to the series and the fans tend to focus on the most salacious bits. At least he can take solace in the fact that he didn’t have to run around naked for most of the season, like Quaid, or get up close and personal (and horny) with a cow’s udders like Starr? Okay, maybe it’s all bad. Thankfully, the stars of “The Boys” put it all on the line for us, and we get to laugh at the wild and weird ride they take us on. 

Now stop tattooing M.M. with wieners on yourselves. Just stop. 

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March 20, 2023

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