The Slayerking – Tetragrammaton (2019) (New Full Album)

The Slayerking – Tetragrammaton (New Full Album) The Slayerking is a three piece dark metal act founded in 2013. It was formed as an unofficial studio project of Efthimis Karadimas, frontman of the infamous Greek Black Metal band Nightfall, with the purpose of sailing slower into darker musical ecosystems. The sound of The Slayerking is dark with lots of low end primarily due to Β tuned baritone vintage guitars and big drums. At the same time it maintains an aggressive tone thanks to the characteristic nervy, “punky” way EK and KK play their bass and guitar respectively. Definitely aggressive and fat.

Their main target is to promote The Slayerking’s theatrical part. Main inspiration for visual part is Alexandro Jodorowsky’s ‘73 movie The Holy Mountain. This surreal mix of landscapes and lose,
broken characters whose civilized manners melt under a merciless sun find in Tetragrammaton the perfect soundtrack. Musically one can find an enormous capacity of Heavy Metal, Dark Rock,
Death Metal, Doom Metal, Prog Rock, or even Punk Rock seeds. It’s all there artistically wrapped in crispy layers of anger and frustration. New album, Tetragrammaton is the album Celtic Frost could have released after 87’s Pandemonium.

1. Intro to Your Darkness
2. Bless those who Weep and Sell their Tears to Unbelievers
3. We Crucified the Pilgrims they Believed in You
4. Story of the Snake who Grew Legs and Became a Lizard (The Slayerking)
5. My Love has Died on the Vine
6. Where I Saw You Last Time Bleeding (Revelation)
7. Queen of Sheba Undresses before Pulsating Chords
8. Umbra, Penumbra, and Antumbra (Evil Eye)
9. Under the Spell of Alice and her Virgin Sin (The Expulsion)
10. Out of Your Darkness

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