THERION – Adulruna Rediviva | 011: An Adventure with Therion (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Official video – An Adventure with Therion ft. "Adulruna Rediviva"
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The track "Adulruna Rediviva" comes from the 2007 album, Gothic Kabbalah.

Therion board game details:
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Produced by Scribabs and Silos Production with kind collaboration of Trigomiro Creativo, Elfinwerks, Scuole Tecniche San Carlo

Directed by Massimiliano Mattioni
Based on a novel written by Paolo Vallerga

The incredible monodist Prof. Johnsson: Christofer Johnsson
The impossible detective Lord Koleberg: Johan Kullberg
The charming dark Lady Lewis: Lori Lewis
The brilliant inventor Mr. Påhlsson: Nalle Påhlsson
The mysterious Captain Snowy: Snowy Shaw
The unforeseeable hunter Mr. Vidal: Christian Vidal
The phantasmagoric Dr. Vikström: Thomas Vikström
The metamorphosis of Fenrir: Paolo Vallerga
The mystical Princess Lilja: Katarina Lilja*
The mystical Princess Lilja is a character in the Novel and in the Boardgame but, in the movie, appears only in photo.

Sir Robert Cross (Noble): Massimo Barbera
Lord Ashram (the Destiny’s Manipulator): Gianluca Betti
Lady Clotilde di Bricherasio Cross (Noble): Arianna Baratelli
Iris Rockstone (Librarian). Elettra Bertotti
Countess Scarlet della Valletta (Noble): Tania Bettas Valet
Miriam di Lungavia (Street Musician): Miriam Buffa
Barbara Aston (Keeper of the Museum): Bianca Canal
Lucretia de Valois (Research his origins): Cristina Cervellera
Lucrezia Malatesta (The victim in the park): Arianna Cimma
Marion Davinsky (Jeweler): Marianna Davico
Madame Charlotte de Mosserf (Silk Merchant): Federica di Nardo
Maya Lumière (Library Worker): Angela Facciolo
Angus McFarland (Merchant): Tony Franzella
Mila della Rocca (Traveler): Tisha Karen Moreno Dahur
Jessi Violet (Bandit): Raffaela Morrone
Isabella di Monte Ferrero (Traveler): Vittoria Sinatra
Adelaide Marchisio (Traveler): Damaris Sotelo Linares
Lady Harmony Roccafranca (Poetess): Federica Spagone
Amedeo Lascaris "Graystorm" (Airship Pilot): Alessandro Stante
Marcos Venturakis (Mechanics): Marco Ventura

Film Crew:
Executive Producer: Paolo Vallerga
Production Manager: Emiliana Borruto
Film Director: Massimiliano Mattioni
First Assistant Director: Mattia Puleo
Production Coordinator: Mauro Simolo
Production Assistant: Sabrina Scolari
Script Supervisor: Paolo Rossi
Post-production supervisors: Simone Vincenzi, Ilaria Marchini, Fabio Rancati, Massimiliano Mattioni
Translators: Stefania Chianello – Merope Ippiotis (storyboard)
Voice on "making of" Douglas R. Docker – Julianna Drumheller
Therion’s Backstage Interviews: Tisha Nerak

Art Director and Production Designer: Paolo Vallerga
Set Designer: Franco Nicolosi
Storyboard Illustrators: Rossana Berretta, Gianfranco Gerace e Giacomo Rinaldi
Set Decorators: Scuole Tecniche San Carlo – Students of Technical Theatre Production Design and Set Construction & Decoration Techniques – edition 2010-2011
Key Scenic: Valentina Villata & Maurizio Rabino – Course of book’s restoration and bookbinding
Special Effects: Scribabs & Silos Production

Director of Photography: Alessandro Facchini
Steadicam operator: Simone Vincenzi
Camera Operator: Ilaria Marchini
Camera Production Assistant: Fabio Rancati
Backstage Camera Operator: Michela Bellino

Make-up Artist: Francesco Sanseverino
Assistant Make-up Artist: Sara Ferraris e Lavinia Crescenzo

Costume Designer and supervisor: Paola Cavaglià
Costume Department: Students of the 1st and 2nd Chloting Lab.

Key costumer for "Fenrir"
and some special objects: Arianna Cimma

Gaffer: Federico Sassi
Best Boy: Emanuele Cristini
Lighting Technician: Valerio Sacchetto

Casting Coordinator: Massimo Barbera

Location Manager: Mauro Simolo
Luca Fucarino
Angelo Penna
William Greco
Gianfranco Buccoliero

Film Editing: Silos Production
Backstage Editing: Michela Bellino
Film and Backstage Supervisor: Scribabs

Soundtrack: Therion
Composer: Christofer Johnsson – Kristian Niemann
Lyrics: Thomas Karlsson

Created by Marco Valtriani
Published by Scribabs
Get the board game now from the NUCLEAR BLAST mailorder:

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