These AI-Generated Versions Of Famous Metal Musicians Are Nightmare Fuel

Metal Injection

You’ve likely seen DALL·E Mini generated AI images floating around lately. In short, DALL·E Mini generates images based on text prompts that you give it. Or as the developers put it, “OpenAI had the first impressive model for generating images with DALL·E. DALL·E Mini is an attempt at reproducing those results with an open-source model.” So naturally we had to go and see what it would give us if we started plugging in names of famous metal musicians.

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It’s worth noting that there was an attempt before this trying to make DALL·E mini generate famous metal band logos, but all the results were mostly sharp-looking circles. It wasn’t that interesting. The musicians one worked out for the most part, except for a handful of nicknames like Corpsegrinder (which gives you pictures of moths) or actual names like Matt Pike or George Fischer (which gives you… not them). Plus, now you have sufficient nightmare fuel! Check ’em out below and check out DALL·E Mini here.

Rob Halford

King Diamond

James Hetfield

Dave Mustaine

Corey Taylor


Bruce Dickinson

Jonathan Davis

Chino Moreno

Ozzy Osbourne

Kerry King

Scott Ian

Maynard James Keenan


Fred Durst

Metal Injection – These AI-Generated Versions Of Famous Metal Musicians Are Nightmare Fuel
Author: Greg Kennelty
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June 16, 2022

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