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Hey Tightwads!  It’s time for another Tightwad Terror Tuesday, and that means more free movies from iHorror.  So let’s go…

Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 2-16-21

Thinner (1996), courtesy Paramount Pictures.


Thinner is a 1996 film adaptation of a 1984 Stephen King novel of the same name (er, excuse me, a 1984 Richard Bachman novel of the same name).  It’s about a fat lawyer who kills a gypsy woman with his car and, because the judge is a friend of his, he gets off.  At least, that is, until the deceased woman’s father puts a curse on him which causes him to lose weight until, well, there’s nothing left of him.

Directed by Tom Holland, Thinner is a pretty effective thriller that is refreshingly free of typical horror tropes.  There aren’t a lot of huge name actors, but it does star Joe Mantegna and Kari Wuhrer in supporting roles.  Check out Thinner here at Crackle.

Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 2-16-21

Deadly Blessing (1981), courtesy United Artists.

Deadly Blessing

In between The Hills Have Eyes and Swamp Thing, Wes Craven was hard at work making Deadly Blessing.  The 1981 film tells the story of a woman whose husband, a farmer who was once a member of a weird religious sect, is suddenly killed by what appears to be a freak tractor accident.  With the help of a pair of her big-city friends, the wife is determined to work the farm herself, but encounters resistance from the cult, who believe that she is responsible for her husband’s death.  One thing is for sure; there’s something unsavory about that farm.

This one stars Ernest Borgnine and Michael Berryman as cult members, and a young Sharon Stone as one of the city-slicker friends.  It’s a fun early film from one of the masters of horror, and it can be seen here at TubiTV.

Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 2-16-21

Breakdown (1997), courtesy Paramount Pictures.


Breakdown is a 1997 movie about a couple that is driving across the country.  Just as the name suggests, they break down in the desert along the way, and the wife catches a ride with a seemingly friendly trucker to the next town to call for help.  When she never returns, the husband goes looking for her – and finds much more than he bargained for.

Breakdown is a simple-yet-effective road movie, full of thrills, chills, and spills.  Kurt Russell and Kathleen Quinlan star as the couple-in-trouble.  Roll along with Breakdown here at Popcornflix.

Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 2-16-21

Intruders (2011), courtesy Millennium Entertainment.


Intruders is a 2011 movie about a monster called Hollowface who preys on children around the world, from Madrid to London.  The only problem is that parents can’t see the creature.  So, is the monster just invisible to adults, or does it all exist solely in the minds of the kids?

Intruders is a fun little diversion about superstition and legend.  It was made around the same time as movies like Sinister and The Conjuring, and it shows; it’s obviously a modern-era spookfest.  Clive Owen and Daniel Brühl headline the capable cast.  Catch Intruders here at Crackle.

Absence (2103), courtesy Cinedigm Entertainment Group.


Absence is an eerie little movie about a woman who, after carrying a pregnancy nearly to term, wakes up to find that she is no longer pregnant.  The police suspect that it is a kidnapping, but the real story is far more sinister.

This 2013 movie is a pretty standard found-footage affair, so if that kind of movie annoys you, you should move on.  For those who are into the faux-documentary style of filmmaking, this one’s well made, with a unique story and interesting characters.  You can see Absence right here at Vudu.

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Feature image courtesy Chris Fischer.

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February 16, 2021

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