Tom Savini and His Team Helped Turn WWE’s Alexa Bliss into a Horror Movie Nightmare at WrestleMania

Who’s controlling who?

For the past couple years, Tom Savini and his team of makeup artists have been helping to turn Bray Wyatt into “The Fiend,” a sinister alter ego of the WWE superstar who wears a creepy mask and delights in supernaturally intimidating his opponents. For night two of WrestleMania last night, Savini and his team once again lent their unique talents to the show.

Night two of WrestleMania kicked off last night with The Fiend being summoned out of a giant jack-in-the-box by Alexa Bliss, who has been under the character’s spell for the past several months. Or is it the other way around? To everyone’s surprise, the match ended with Bliss seeming to distract The Fiend long enough for Orton to beat him, and what a sight it was.

Perched atop the aforementioned jack-in-the-box, Bliss was sporting a completely new look for the final moments of the WrestleMania match, with black goo oozing from a crown of thorns atop her head. The insanely cool visual, it should probably come as no surprise, was brought to the table by Savini’s team, with Savini himself supervising the makeup and effects!

Tom Savini’s partner Jason Baker explains that he and the team created the new Fiend mask as well as the Alexa Bliss headpiece and on-set special FX, which you can check out below. It’s not often that you get to see horror movie-style makeup effects in the world of professional wrestling, and it’s always a treat when those two worlds bleed into one another.

So what’s the story here? Has Alexa Bliss been the one pulling the strings all along? Is she under the spell of Sister Abigail? We’ll have to wait until Raw tonight to learn more…

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