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The Tool hype train is slowly revving up, though toward what is currently unclear. All we’ve got so far is a tease from both Tool‘s account and guitarist Adam Jones on Instagram with artwork (presumably done by longtime Tool collaborator Alex Grey based on the hashtags) and the band’s 2006 track “Intension” playing. As far as when we can expect whatever this is, Jones and the band simply stated in the caption “Coming Soon.” So now, as with everything Tool-related, we wait and see what they’re up to.

As for anything else to expect from Tool, drummer Danny Carey said in a March 2022 interview that the band has some leftover ideas from the Fear Incoulum sessions that they’re going to start working on. Carey also mentioned that the band is working on a live DVD comprised of shows mostly from Tool‘s Lateralus shows in 2002, and calls the release “a good mind blower for all the hardcore fans.”

Whether or not any of that is related to above tease, we’ll see… but my guess is probably not. 10,000 Days came out in 2006, so it wouldn’t have been played at shows during the Lateralus era and it’s nothing new coming (assuming “Intension” is part of whatever Jones is teasing and not just a background music). So we’ll see what happens.

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Metal Injection – TOOL Is Teasing Something Related To 10,000 Days
Author: Greg Kennelty
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November 15, 2022

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