[Trailer] ‘Max Payne’ Meets Vampires in Third-Person Shooter Title ‘El Paso, Elsewhere’

Yeah, Bullet Time in games is one of those “been there, done that” fads from yesteryear, but damn it if it still isn’t fun. That must be what Strange Scaffold is thinking with El Paso, Elsewhere. Announced during the Guerrilla Collective event, the third-person shooter combines Max Payne with vampires in a motel (seriously).

Described as a “supernatural neo-noir third-person shooter”, you assume the role of a man on a mission to destroy the woman you loved, who just so happens to be a vampire. To do so, you’ll have to traverse the 46 floors of a haunted motel that’s crawling with werewolves, fallen angels, and other damned creatures. Oh, and the motel has a penchant for shape-shifting.

You’ll be doing quite a bit of slo-mo diving to avoid enemy projectiles while dishing out your own in a “love letter to action classics”. Your arsenal includes things like stakes, shotguns, and molotov cocktails that glow with holy blue flame.

El Paso, Elsewhere is aiming for a 2022 release on Steam.

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