‘WherePostRockDwells: Best of 2021 (January)’

This mixtape consists of all our favourite releases from January 2021.

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01. Alinda – Immersion 00:00
Buy: https://alinda.bandcamp.com/album/panorama
Post-Pedia: http://bit.ly/39SR4rs

02. Secret Gardens – Lighthouse 07:58
Buy: https://secretgardens.bandcamp.com/album/tundra
Post-Pedia: http://bit.ly/3rtrzTn

03. Slow Grave – Deconstruction 13:47
Buy: https://slowgrave.bandcamp.com/album/foam
Post-Pedia: http://bit.ly/3oVNm4z

04. Thought Trials – The Eighteen Million Year Fortnight 19:17
Buy: https://thoughttrials.bandcamp.com/album/the-hiding-gene
Post-Pedia: http://bit.ly/3rJDSvM

05. Mekong Airlines – Gran Telescopio 23:55
Buy: https://mekongairlines.bandcamp.com/album/gran-telescopio
Post-Pedia: http://bit.ly/3jvhti7

06. Pictures on Silence – Etiquette 29:21
Buy: https://picturesonsilence.bandcamp.com/album/pictures-on-silence-s-t
Post-Pedia: http://bit.ly/2MHftHI

07. unknown fault – a sign 36:30
Buy: https://unknownfault.bandcamp.com/album/fabric
Post-Pedia: http://bit.ly/2YVrrQl

08. Helsinki Horizon – Almlia 40:19
Buy: https://helsinkihorizon.bandcamp.com/album/signal-flares
Post-Pedia: http://bit.ly/2MRgmgk

09. Grandbrothers – What We See 44:15
Buy: https://grandbrothers.bandcamp.com/album/all-the-unknown
Post-Pedia: http://bit.ly/3pZlDkL

10. backbone – Forest of Twilight 49:44
Buy: https://backbonepoland.bandcamp.com/album/grey-foundations-of-stone
Post-Pedia: http://bit.ly/3aLuD6V

11. Pipe Dreamer – Free From Fear of Failure 53:52
Buy: https://pipedreamermetal.bandcamp.com/album/no-solace-for-the-soulless
Post-Pedia: http://bit.ly/2YVTZt0

12. SPOIWO – TAUR 59:59
Buy: https://spoiwo.bandcamp.com/album/martial-hearts
Post-Pedia: http://bit.ly/3ovlu88

13. April Rain – Towards the Native Uvalas 1:04:37
Buy: https://aprilrain.bandcamp.com/album/mirror-of-ether
Post-Pedia: http://bit.ly/3q1EziM

All rights reserved by the aforementioned artists.

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