Yung Druid – Yung Druid (2019) (New Full Album)

Yung Druid – Yung Druid (New Full Album) Yung Druid is a London-based heavy doom, psych quartet with low-tuned, riffy guitars and high-pitched melodic vocals. The group’s music is straightforward and solid, without being too complex. The group creates riffy, sludgy, classic metal, in the vein of Black Sabbath, but with some of the psychedelic sensibilities of softer bands like Dead Meadow and Sleepy Sun. Yung Druid’s self titled album is no disappointment: It’s full of high flying vocals, killer guitar leads, and walls of reverb and distortion. The drums sound great in the mix, with heavy cymbals that are really allowed to ring out and sing. The guitars and bass are down-tuned and heavy, and the vocals never struggle to hit the high notes.

Take Me to Your Dealer is the album’s riffy opener. It’s a groovy, psych-doom song with X-Files inspired lyrics and a trippy last half that feels like you’re being taken away on an alien abduction trip. Sleepy Eyes is filled with commanding riffs and has some cool change-ups. Two vocal tracks create nice harmonies throughout the song. Heavy distortion on the guitars and lots of reverb on the vocals give this song some great psychedelic qualities. Smoke-permeated riffs, classy vocals, lysergic guitars, mind-bending fuzz, and groovy psych. It did not take long for this album to grow on me and earn multiple listens right away. Oozing, psych-y stoner doom with emphasis on spiffy, snaky melodies. Highly recommended! If you’re into 70’s influenced retro rock with tons of riffs, high flying vocals, and plenty of stoner lyrics, look no further than Yung Druid.

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1. Take Me To Your Dealer
2. Sleepy Eyes (Sonic THC)
3. Underneath The Aching Sky
4. Lung
5. Went Into A Wooden Room
6. Morning Come

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